Moreland Properties Celebrates 30 Years: Our Interview With Founder, Emily Moreland

Moreland Properties Celebrates 30 Years: Our Interview With Founder, Emily Moreland

This year Moreland Properties celebrates 30 years! What inspired you to start Moreland back in 1986?

I had worked at JB Goodwin as a beginning real estate agent and J. B. Goodwin was a great teacher, role model. Then I was with the larger more corporate company, Coldwell Banker in Houston. I had definite ideas about how I wanted to structure my new company. I wanted to be certain that any agent I sponsored was very thoughtful and diligent about putting the needs and feelings of their client FIRST. I also wanted to be sure that agents knew the real estate business and the area that they represented. In other words, truly knew the neighborhood, schools, churches, shopping and of course values of the homes. I wanted my agents to feel valued and important to the whole company. Each agent makes an impression for the company wherever they are.

Giving back to the Austin community is very important to you. Tell us about the charities you’re passionate about.

There are so many wonderful charities that make a difference in our beautiful city. I have enjoyed supporting the performing arts so very much, specifically Ballet Austin. Our artistic community in Austin makes an enormous contribution to the whole ambiance of our city. Can you imagine our city without the Ballet, Symphony or Opera? It would truly be a glaring void. Then there are many charities that contribute to the total health, both physical and emotional, to so many. Dell Children’s Medical Center has been a tremendous addition to our medical community. I am proud of our Grandparent’s Club of Dell Children’s. This group wants to learn about the many specialties, research projects and needs of this great institution. I am currently on the Board of the Red Cross of Central Texas. This is such a revered organization and they need the community’s support to continue their incredible mission of service. Foundation Communities is an organization that is going about its mission to serve the homeless and working poor of Austin. The homes (apartments) are beautiful and strategically located around our city. They provide so much more than just a place to sleep. Their services address the needs of finding employment, healthcare, after school childcare and more. I am proud to be a supporter of these great organizations.

Tell us about Moreland Ranch, your peaceful getaway for family and friends to enjoy.

The Moreland Ranch is really another home for me. I treasure the beautiful pastures, hilltops and riverfront. It provides for me and my family a place to come together and just relax and enjoy being together. Running the cattle operation is also a very important part of the ranch. It carries on the tradition that my husband and I started so many years ago. I count the ranch as a very special treasure that I inherited from the Moreland legacy. I want to continue that “Texas “ legacy for my grandchildren and their children. I consider myself very fortunate in so many ways. // Jan Moreland Realtor