Artist Spotlight: Ash Almonte

Artist Spotlight: Ash Almonte

Describe your art and what keeps you inspired as a busy artist, mama, wife, volunteer at Hopefully Sow.

I love to use mixed media, i.e. oil, acrylic, enamel, graphite and paint stick on canvas to express my feelings, emotions and thoughts in color. Viewers always seem to react to the visceral feeling of my work, whether they experience it for the first time or have seen it before. People inspire me, life inspires, the love of god inspires me. As an artist I feel my work is raw, is real and filled with passion and love.

You recently launched a beautiful handbag line featuring your handpainted designs.

After having my first daughter I was feeling kind of lost in the clothing department, I was looking for a new practical but yet stylish wardrobe as a first time mom on the go. I needed practical but I wanted style. Through this search I became passionate to create a handbag that makes easy for a do-it-all woman to be the fashion icon of anyone she runs into during her busy day. A handpainted handbag that can be a pop of style with jeans and a white tee or a simple black dress. One that not only has artistic edge but also can carry a laptop and all my babies needs eliminating the need of a diaper bag as well. Thanks to the partnership with the amazing brand Live FashionABLE (, our totes are handcrafted in Ethiopia with 100% genuine distressed leather. You can find them at Russell Art & Frame in Oaks at Lakeway or on my website at


Tell us about Hopefully Sow, a charity you’re very passionate about.

Our mission is to sow seeds of love, joy and aspiration for children in foster care in the Austin area. We do this by meeting the children’s tangibles needs, providing them with experiences that are enjoyable and exposing them to opportunities to further themselves through education and careers. You can help by becoming a volunteer to help provide a community these kids need or simply donating at // @ashalmonte
Ash’s handbags can be found at Russell Art & Frame in Lakeway.