Meet Vintage Soul Owner and Artist, Julie Crawford

Meet Vintage Soul Owner and Artist, Julie Crawford in Dripping Springs

Peppering the store with hand curated items, Vintage Soul strives to find unique pieces that speak to your heart. Find the hidden ivy covered cottage just 1/2 block off of Mercer St. and Old Fitzhugh. A hidden gem you won’t want to miss!

Share the inspiration behind Vintage Soul’s opening.

Vintage Soul was, and is, a leap of faith! After homeschooling my four boys for several years, we made the decision to send them all back to public school. As a result, I had time on my hands to decorate and find special pieces for my home while friends continued to ask for guidance in decorating. Creating spaces for others with one of a kind pieces made them feel special and, in turn, I realized that God had given me a gift and I ran with it. In July 2014, with the gentle guidance of my husband, I took the leap of faith and opened up Vintage Soul in the historic part of downtown Dripping Springs. I knew it was God’s gift to me; a 100 year old building filled with vintage character. And as they say, the rest is history.

What one-of-a kind pieces do you carry and what is haute right now…
I’d like to say most of our store is one-of-a kind. Many items were found on junking trips everywhere from Florida to Montana! We drive everywhere so my family is used to my shrill voice screeching…”Stop the truck!” My hunting trips take me to large flea markets, estate sales, garage sales, the back roads of Texas and beyond. In this process, I have commissioned jewelers and apparel designers to create items for the shop that are exclusive to us and Dripping Springs. The shop carries custom made shirts, hats, necklaces, cuffs and bracelets that not only promote Vintage Soul but our town as well! When asked what I’m known for, my business began custom painting furniture items for clients and personally designing pallet art for people’s homes, offices, businesses, and for special gifts! This continues to be a foundation of my business. As for what’s haute right now, I’d say the items I can barely keep stocked in the store are jewelry layering, custom cuffs, hats, equestrian jewelry, antique mirrors and our custom pallet art!

What are your favorite things to do in Dripping Springs?
Weekends usually find me working in the art studio designing custom pallet art and furniture pieces or reimagining found items. When I do find a free day, I can be found on the back roads of the Texas Hill Country with my husband or a girlfriend looking for unique treasures! I’ve been known to knock on a stranger’s door when something in their yard intrigues me. Usually I leave with a new friend, and thankfully haven’t been shot at yet! / Facebook / Instagram / 512.567.5934

300-B West Mercer Street / Wednesday – Saturday: 10-5